Roscoe is raising money to help dogs with cancer

Roscoe is raising money to help dogs with cancer

Years ago, Veterinary Cancer Care treated Hugh for cancer. Recently we were contacted by the family of Hugh’s cousin Roscoe, to see if we would help them publicize a fundraiser in Roscoe’s honor for treating animals with cancer. OF COURSE! Here is Roscoe’s story and information about how you can help families and pets with cancer!

Roscoe relaxing on the porch

We lost our beloved Roscoe to oral melanoma on November 19, 2016.  Ironically, Roscoe won the honor of Top Dog in 2012 in honor of his cousin, Desert Hugh who also succumbed to cancer. This year we are raising money to help families afford the care for their pets with cancer. We are doing it in Roscoe’s memory.

The loss of a pet is devastating, especially when they haven’t even reached the prime of their life. To be diagnosed at the age of 7 with oral melanoma was the last thing we expected. It has been 5 months since we lost Roscoe, he leaves behind me, my husband, Sophia (Canine) and Max (Feline).  The acts of kindness that were bestowed upon us from family members, friends, and acquaintances helped us greatly through our loss and we will be forever grateful to each and everyone.

If you find you are able to donate to support others going through a similar situation we would be very grateful.  Thank you!

About the Brown Dog Foundation

For the past 5 years, The Brown Dog Foundation has consistently received 4,000 requests for assistance annually.  Brown Dog helps 150-200 families each year. As little as $10 can be donated, and this money will be awarded to families in need of financial assistance for their sick pets. The proceeds will go directly to the Brown Dog Foundation.  All donations are tax deductible and you will be sent a receipt.


For more on the Brown Dog Foundation please visit their website at:

Thank you for your generosity!