September 2016 Pet of the Month: Shiva

September 2016 Pet of the Month: Shiva

My name is Shiva Brownrigg. I was born in Questa, New Mexico, around June 1, 2004. I hunted and foraged with my mom there until August, when she weaned me by leaving me at some nice people’s house. They took me inside while she watched from afar. They had a friend visiting, who took me with her back to San Francisco. I’d never even been on a leash before, and I had to deal with cars, sidewalks, big stairs, and a big, black 13-year-old Belgian Shepherd who didn’t really like dogs! (I quickly endeared myself to her, though.)

I was housebroken in two weeks, and then we moved to Sausalito, where I had a big yard, got to go running three times a week with my mom, and went to doggie daycare every day! I got really good at playing ball and then hiding in the grass on walks to ambush mom! My step dog-mom died a year later. I missed her, but I was happy I finally got to be Alpha!

In 2006, I took my first of many airplane rides to New Mexico! This was no fun at all, and I was always really happy to get there! I love running free in the woods, and I’m really good about staying on the property and checking in. I also liked going back to Marin, where I could sit by the glass slider and watch for people and dogs to walk up the street. It was cool to live in two different states for a while.

I’ve been to some other places, too. Out of the country, even. I took a road trip to Mexico and also another one to Colorado. I’m really good about staying in motels and campsites. When I was only five months old, I went on a six-day backpacking trip near Big Sur. I ran so much I could barely move by dusk! I loved going back to California. It was fun to run down by the beach on the Bay, but I didn’t learn how to swim until I was three, and that was in Pilar in the Rio Grande. Now I’m a really good swimmer and I even got a fish once! (And a rat, and a rabbit, and a bird, too, but that’s another story…)

Now that I’m 12, I stay busy keeping the rabbits out of the garden, howling at the coyotes, and alerting mom when people come to the house (if I’m not sound asleep). I still love hiking, playing ball, and racing mom and her car down the last half mile of our dirt road. Although I only sprint about 11 mph now, I hit my prime when I was eight at 23 mph! I think I would’ve made a great racing dog! My all-time favorite pastime, though, is lying on the chaise lounge in the garden with the waterfall running, the sun shining, and a gentle breeze blowing…