Dogs and cats come in all shapes and sizes. I love looking at the marvelous stripes in a cat’s fur or the wide variation in shapes of dog noses and ears. If you’re reading this blog, you have likely noticed this too and have spent many hours laughing and taking joy in how they play and what gives them comfort and pleasure.

I think that every time I have ever been asked about what I do for a living, “manage a veterinary oncology clinic”, I am always met with the saddest face. Of course, it is always sad when a wonderful fur-friend gets an illness, but still, I love my job. The reason I love my job is that our patients are constantly showing me that cancer is no reason for them to stop living and loving life. Maybe it looks a little different than it did 5 years ago, but make no mistake they do live and love life! Yes, even with cancer and even during chemotherapy or whatever treatment they are receiving.

At Veterinary Cancer Care, we pride ourselves on breaking stereotypes. Why? Because our patients do it every day. They are a constant reminder that real living is found in trying. I love it when our pet parents tell us that their pet died with cancer, but not of cancer. I know this sounds a little strange, but it means that they went right on living and in the end, it wasn’t cancer that sent them over the rainbow bridge.

I hope that one day when I tell someone what I do for a living I get the response, “wow, that must be so inspirational”. Then I’ll get to say, “yep, you got it right on the nose, the furry, wet, silly nose.”

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