Hi, I’m Sevy. They call me “Fluffy McFluffster”. I think that’s because I sport a nice fluffy coat, or maybe it’s because I love stuffed animals. My mom likes to give them silly names. But I love socks even more! I collect them just like my Dad. They tell me I’m a good trail runner and that I like to be first. I’ve run La Luz Trail with my Grandma Patty and Uncle hundreds of times, and we’ve even climbed Pikes Peak. My Aussie girl Chey came too (you know I had to impress her).

My little brother Cyrus and I — he’s super cool — we make a great team and we get to show off our synchronized running skills at the park. We especially like it when there’s snow for us to wrestle around in. Sometimes I have to play referee when my brother gets in trouble with the other kids. But more than anything else I’m super loyal and I never turn down a good belly rub!

Sevy has been a part of our Veterinary Cancer Care family for a couple of months. We enjoy every visit from Sevy, and couldn’t be happier that Sevy is our Pet of The Month!

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