More than ever in 2017, Halloween is a holiday that our pets can participate with the rest of the family. Whether your pet is currently going through cancer treatments or not, we have some tips on keeping your pets healthy and safe during the exciting holiday.

Keep the sweets away!

Both chocolate and xylitol (a sweetener often found in candies and other sweet foods) can cause serious damage to your pet, even resulting in death in extreme cases. Please be sure to mind wrapped and unwrapped candy, keeping them far out of your pet’s reach. We know that it can be tough with all of the excitement, but it is quite important!

Make sure someone is watching open doors and windows!

Trick or treaters and neighborhood festivities make Halloween so enjoyable. It also leads us to spread our attention thinner, leaving a door wide open or a window cracked a little too far. In addition to knocks at the door and doorbells causing stress, pets also have many routes to leave the home if they’re left unattended. Be sure to either find a safe space for your pet to relax during the festivities or make sure someone is keeping track of their whereabouts.

Watch that costume!

Pet costumes are more popular than ever, but it’s also important to make sure these costumes are safe for our pets. Make sure there is nothing in their costume that they can chew or swallow or any glues or fasteners that can cause damage if ingested. Also make sure their costume allows them to eat, drink, and go to the bathroom comfortably. They’ll be happy to partake if the costume offers their usual amount of freedom.

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