In our office, we’re used to saying goodbye and we know how hard it can be. We’ve said goodbye to a number of our patients that had such amazing spirits, and we’re here to help you keep their memory and spirit going. We have a list of ideas that can help you keep your pet’s memory going. Some of them seem simple, and a few more are a little outside of the box. We want to make sure there are options for all types of pet parents!

For the traditionalist

From writing an obituary to organizing a memorial service, many of the ways to honor a pet aren’t unlike what we’ve traditionally done for our human loved ones.

  • Plant new life. There’s something therapeutic about planting a favorite kind of tree to honor your pet’s life.
  • Create a “pet cemetery.” Bury your pet’s ashes and mark her grave with a headstone in a designated area of your property.
  • Create a book of life. Gather photos of your pet’s various life stages and assemble them all together in a traditional photo album or use a company (like Costco or Walgreens) to create a photobook.


For the tech savvy

If you’re good with technology, you might want to honor your pet in other ways.

  • Create a video montage. Digitally compile your favorite photos and videos of your pet, add some transitions and background music, and enjoy a heartwarming stroll down memory lane.
  • Create a collaborative online memorial. This will allow friends and family who also loved your pet to upload their own photos and memories.
  • Start a blog or website. Funny story about Fido? Did your cat seem to have many more than 9 lives? Write about the memories you have with your pet for others to read and enjoy.


For the creative

Some have such close relationships with their pets, they want to take memorializing them to the next level.

  • Turn ashes to paintings. You can order a painting made of acrylic paint mixed with the ashes of your pet. (
  • Create a dog-hair sweater or nose necklace. These one-of-a-kind items are offered through websites like
  • Freeze dry your pet’s body. Your pet’s soul might have left this earth, but his body doesn’t have to. offers free-dried pet preservation.

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