A friend of mine had taken in a pregnant stray cat. She and her incredible pit bull Lola, cared for both mama and babies until it was time for them to find forever homes. When I saw Stella’s photo I knew I had to meet her. She was a perfect little black bundle of fur with big piercing green eyes. Tiny package, giant personality. Stella was such a rambunctious kitten, always curious, independent, and fearless. That hasn’t changed. She’s incredibly affectionate, but only on her terms, she’s goofy, loving, and the leader of the pack that includes another cat and two giant dogs.

When Stella was diagnosed with breast cancer I was devastated. Already having lost a kitty to breast cancer I was plagued with fears of reliving the same outcome, but thankfully I was referred to Dr. Kelly.

I can not express my gratitude for the whole staff at Veterinary Cancer Care and especially for Dr. Kelly. I left our first appointment filled with hope and relief, comforted by Dr. Kelly’s assurance that Stella could still live a healthy, long, happy life. We had the cancerous lump removed, added many supplements and a few upgrades to her already nutritious diet, made descaling her teeth a regular routine, with the advice and guidance of Dr. Kelly, and I’m so overjoyed to share that all of Stella’s tests and breast exams have been normal, clear and completely perfect! My little girl is thriving and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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