Meet Our April Pet of The Month – Punky

Punky came to live with his mom, Jessica, on Valentine’s Day in 2015 when she rescued him from the Los Alamos Animal Shelter. It was an instant love connection! This sweet boy has a gentle soul that immediately apparent upon meeting him. He knows no stranger and loves...

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Nilla Is Our March Pet of the Month

Meow….my name is Nilla and I was the only girl kitty in a litter of seven brothers!!! My forever Mom found me at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter back in 2003, so I am no spring chicken! There is a book called Purrs of Wisdom written by Ingrid King and she used a picture...

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February Pet of the Month – Sevy

Hi, I’m Sevy. They call me “Fluffy McFluffster”. I think that’s because I sport a nice fluffy coat, or maybe it’s because I love stuffed animals. My mom likes to give them silly names. But I love socks even more! I collect them just like my Dad. They tell me I’m a...

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Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe During The Holidays

The entire team at Veterinary Cancer Care wishes you and your family a very happy holidays. Of course, we know that the festivities can also bring potential dangers into your pet's life, and we want to make sure you're aware of them. We may specialize in cancer, but...

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December Pet of the Month – Bella-Roo

This is Ms. Bella-Roo. I brought her home a little over 9 years ago when she was just 8 weeks old and it’s been an adventure ever since. She’s the only girl in the house and is absolutely our princess…super stingy with the cuddles so if she accepts your affection it’s...

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Safety Tips For Your Pet On Thanksgiving

As we prepare our homes for Thanksgiving festivities, it's important to take some extra precautions to keep our pets safe during the holiday. We have a few tips that will help make this Thanksgiving, and all Thanksgivings to come a safe and healthy experience for you...

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Information On Dogs and Cancer

First and foremost, November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. If your pet isn’t acting like himself, call Veterinary Cancer Care right away. Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of damaged cells. Cells are the basic building blocks of our bodies and normally grow,...

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November Pet of the Month – Brodie

Felipe and I had just moved into our new home with our rambunctious young male boxer, Jeter. We needed a playmate for him and began our search. After a few months of looking, we somehow stumbled upon a great organization called Boxer Rescue of Albuquerque. We got in...

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