Hello! My name is Noid! My favorite things include snacks, kittens, and burying my toys in the backyard. (The lawnmower always finds them for me!) When I first came home, I feared everything; fire hydrants, thunderstorms, and even my own toys. Of course, that’s how I got my name. I was indeed paranoid. Now I love my toys. Although, I’m still a bit “noid” of the squeaky ones!

If you are lucky enough to see me at the doctor’s office I will convince you to pet me. If you stop petting me I will remind you gently with a cold wet snoot. My family calls being “Noided”.

I wasn’t sure about this cancer thing at first. Now that I have another great family at Dr. Kelly’s to help me, I’m sure this cancer thing will be gone for good. Just like my rope toy??? One thing for sure I’m not noid of cancer.

Your BFF

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