Name: Remmy (Rembrandt)
Age: 5
Weight: 70lbs
Gender: Male/Unaltered
Color: Red/White

About a month ago, I got a call from a friend that he found a pit bull in the middle of his pecan farm that had been attacked. He told me that the dog just showed up and wouldn’t leave his house. He just wanted to lay by the garage. When I went to pick up the big guy, now named Remmy (Rembrandt), he was covered in dry blood, limping, and had deep cuts all over his neck. He was scared and skinny, and his neck was swollen to the point that he couldn’t turn his head.

After going to the vet a couple times, Remmy is feeling great. He is very well behaved; great on the leash, sits, lays down, rolls over, and gives paw. Stays right by my side at all times and LOVES rolling in the grass every morning. He is a gentleman with all other dogs, though he shows a little interest in the ladies as he is not neutered, and the ladies absolutely love him. Remmy loves all humans as well. Loves strangers and has no issues meeting new people. In fact, he finds much more comfort in me than any other dog.

As much as I love and adore him, as a college student with two jobs and other rescued animals, I just felt that a rescue could do a better job rehoming him. As he was in the process of going to a rescue, he tested positive for Heartworm and now that rescue, along with others, will not take him. He is extremely lively and is not showing any signs otherwise. I personally do not have the calm environment that he needs to go through treatment, and am now hoping to find another rescue that would be willing to take this amazing boy.

Great news for Remmy, he’s been adopted! He has gotten to go home to his forever home, and Dr. Kelly will continue

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