Lolina Alvarez and Larry Hughes (Lily’s “parents”)

Our dog Lily has been under Dr. Kelly’s care since March 2017. We first visited Dr. Kelly’s office seeking advice on Lily’s diet, since she was approaching senior age. We were impressed by the thoroughness of Dr. Kelly’s examination. We learned much in that visit about Lily’s health and her needs. Since then, Lily continues under Dr. Kelly’s care, although Lily is not a cancer patient. We adopted Lily in 2012, while living in another part of the state. Many of Lily’s bouts of illness stem from her emotional problems that go back to a very hard early life. Lily has to be a difficult patient, since her health is nearly perfect one day and not so perfect soon after. Still, Dr. Kelly and her wonderful team, cheerfully take up the challenge and always find new ways of keeping Lily going about her fairly happy life, mostly with a combination of very high-quality supplements and non-invasive treatments.

We would strongly recommend Dr. Kelly to any dog or cat owner willing and able to put the well being of the animal, whether is a cancer patient or not, a little above the monetary considerations that often guide the care given by other veterinary clinics.