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Dear Clients,

We here at Veterinary Cancer Care are concerned about protecting your health and are committed to assisting in the containment and prevention of COVID-19. We remain committed to your pet’s health but accordingly we are adjusting our office procedures as follows:

  • Moving forward VCC will be only seeing patients by drop-off. We are doing so to decrease foot traffic in the clinic.
  • All clients are asked to contact the office to make an appointment.
  • Our staff will then forward to you any paperwork that needs to be filled out. We ask that you send the paperwork back to us prior to your appointment. Please also include a current history, medication list and any refills that you may need.
  • On the day of your appointment: Please call the office to let us know you are here.
     ° If you have any upper respiratory symptoms (cough, runny nose etc), or have traveled to high-risk areas in the past 14 days, and your pet needs to be seen, please arrange for a symptom-free individual to drop-off your pet.
  • One of our office staff members will go out to your vehicle and collect your pet.
  • Clients are welcome to stay at the office in their vehicles, wait outside or they are welcome to leave and our staff will give you a call once your pet is ready for pick up.
  • We will keep your pet at our office for treatment and keep you in the loop throughout their visit.
  • Dr. Kelly will give clients a call with an update regarding the treatment of your pet.
  • If for some reason you are asked to come into the clinic. You will be placed immediately into an exam room and asked to remain in the room for the duration of your pet’s visit.
  • All estimates for services will be sent via email.
  • Clients are asked to respond to the email with their sign-off
  • Once your pet’s treatment is complete we will give you a call.
  • All payments will be taken over the phone or at your vehicle.
  • A staff member will then discharge your pet at your vehicle and email discharges to you.
  • All of our office staff will be wearing medical masks, gloves and eyewear at all times.

*** For prescription and supplement pick up, please call into the office for a refill. Once you are at the office please call ahead and we will bring your pet’s prescriptions and supplements out to your vehicle. We are trying to decrease traffic in the clinic. This may take a little more time than usual but we ask for your patience and cooperation in keeping each other safe.

VCC would like all of our clients to know that we always use Rescue concentrate to clean at our clinic. Rescue is a one step disinfectant cleaner that is virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and sanitizer. Rescue has been proven to kill COVID-19.

In regard to pet risk and infection,

“Infectious disease experts and multiple international and domestic human and animal health organizations agree there is no evidence at this point to indicate that pets can spread COVID-19 to other animals, including people.” – American Veterinary Medical Association.

New office policy will come into effect Wednesday, the 18th March.

We would like to thank all of our clients for their understanding and patience during this difficult time.

With Gratitude,

The VCC Team

Welcome To Veterinary Cancer Care

Helping pets with cancer love life since 2004


Clinical trial using immunotherapy for palliation

Veterinary Cancer Care (Santa Fe, New Mexico) is looking for dogs with any type of malignant tumor for a pilot clinical trial assessing Immunocidin® immunotherapy as a sole palliative treatment. Your oncology specialist is now accepting patients for this study.

Eligibility: All dogs enrolled in this clinical trial must meet the following criteria:

 Have confirmed diagnosis of cancer by histopathology
Have declined chemotherapy at the time it was offered
Have completed prior chemotherapy, radiation or immunotherapy at least 2 weeks prior to enrollment

Eligible dogs cannot:
✘ Have anticipated life expectancy of less than 1 month
✘ Have other life-threatening diseases
✘ Have concurrent corticosteroid, chemotherapy, radiation or immunotherapy treatment

Client compensation:
For eligible, enrolled dogs, the clinical trial will cover up to $100 of histopathology costs and the immunotherapy will be given free of charge.

To enroll your patient:
Call: 505-982-4492
or visit

If we could look every pet owner in the eyes, we would tell you that pet cancer is treatable and may be preventable. The truth is that almost every pet with cancer can be helped. Every day our patients show us that cancer is no reason to stop living and loving life!

Providing specialized pet cancer care to Santa Fe, New Mexico and surrounding communities.

Our board certified oncologist is committed to providing effective, high-quality cancer treatment to all pets with cancer by treating the whole patient, not just the cancer. We are committed to gentle treatment options using a combination of both conventional and alternative therapies, always focusing on giving your pet an excellent quality of life. To best support our patients, Veterinary Cancer Care participates in clinical research and constantly explores alternative ways to treat cancer. We work with referring veterinarians and other specialists to provide the best treatment for our patients. Because prevention is always better than cure, we also provide education stressing the importance of prevention and early detection throughout the communities we serve.

To best support our patients, Veterinary Cancer Care participates in clinical trials research and constantly explores alternative ways to treat cancer.

Cancer in Pets

Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of damaged cells. Cells are the basic building blocks of our bodies and normally grow.

Clinical Trials

Veterinary Cancer Care is committed to furthering the field of oncology by participating in and initiating clinic trials research.


Our pets are family members, and hearing a cancer diagnosis can feel traumatic and overwhelming.While your pet needs.

We love our patients!

Dr. Kelly and the gang have made Bridget a new dog! She’s been in remission from lymphoma for many months and has never been healthier or happier. She’s 8 1/2 and acts like a puppy.

Along with Dr. Kelly’s specialized cancer treatment for lymphoma, Bridget was prescribed some very valuable supplements that have kept her in incredible shape, physically and mentally. We can’t thank Dr. Kelly and her team enough for what she has done for Bridget.

Many thanks from Sandy, Carol, and Bridget


A veterinarian in Seattle in 2004 diagnosed Athena with squamous cell cancer in the mouth and gave her 3 months to live.  Through a move, we found Dr. Jeannette Kelly of Veterinary Cancer Care.  After just 2 treatments, she was cured fully and lived in health and vitality for the remainder of her life. We were able to fulfill our promise to Athena because of the miraculous work of Dr. Kelly and her staff. ~ Kennedy and Gregg

Today, we carry on Athena’s memory through an emergency relief fund at the Santa Fe Community Foundation.  The Athena Fund has been established to provide supplemental funds to pet owners to help offset the cost of cancer care for their pets.  At Veterinary Cancer Care, we have been asked over and over if there is an easy way to help other families facing pet cancer. If you would like to donate please consider the Athena Fund. Donations to the Athena Fund can be made through the Santa Fe Community Foundation in 4 easy steps.

  1. Visit the Santa Fe Community Foundation Give Now page
  2. Type Athena Fund into Fund Search box
  3. Fill out the amount, donor acknowledgement (if desired), and memorial tribute information.
  4. Finally, enter your payment information.

“For it is in giving that we receive” Francis of Assisi


“There is no medicine like hope.”Orison Swett Marden, doctor and author

Welcome to the Veterinary Cancer Care.


To best support our patients, Veterinary Cancer Caenter participates in clinical research, and constantly explores alternative ways to treat cancer.

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