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Cancer is a difficult diagnosis. At Veterinary Cancer Care, we believe our personalized care sets us apart from any other practice. With compassion for your pet, state-of-the-art technology, and incorporating alternative therapies with conventional medicine, we can improve quality of life and give your beloved companion the best possible chance to become well. But it’s not just about treatment; for us, prevention and early detection is just as important.

We hope you find our clinic a positive, loving environment and a place of healing. Please know that we consider our clients and their pets family—and we will be there for you both no matter the diagnosis or outcome. Welcome to Veterinary Cancer Care!


Veterinary Cancer Care (Santa Fe, New Mexico) is looking for dogs with any type of malignant tumor for a pilot clinical trial assessing Immunocidin® immunotherapy as a sole palliative treatment. Your oncology specialist is now accepting patients for this study.

Clinical Trial Using Immunotherapy for Palliation

What Is Immunocidin:

Immunocidin is a non-chemo treatment that helps your pet’s immune system identify, fight and destroy cancer cells in their body.


All dogs enrolled in this clinical trial must meet the following criteria:

√ Have confirmed diagnosis of cancer by histopathology

√ Have declined chemotherapy at the time it was offered

√ Have completed prior chemotherapy, radiation or immunotherapy at least 2 weeks prior to enrollment

Eligible dogs cannot:

X Have anticipated life expectancy of less than 1 month

X Have other life-threatening diseases

X Have concurrent corticosteroid, chemotherapy, radiation or immunotherapy treatment

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