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Providing specialized pet cancer care to Santa Fe, New Mexico and surrounding communities.

Cancer is a difficult diagnosis. At Veterinary Cancer Care, we believe our personalized care sets us apart from any other practice. With compassion for your pet, state-of-the-art technology, and incorporating alternative therapies with conventional medicine, we can improve quality of life and give your beloved companion the best possible chance to become well. But it’s not just about treatment; for us, prevention and early detection is just as important.

We hope you find our clinic a positive, loving environment and a place of healing. Please know that we consider our clients and their pets family—and we will be there for you both no matter the diagnosis or outcome. Welcome to Veterinary Cancer Care!

A Lifelong Commitment to Pet Care

Dr. Kelly founded Veterinary Cancer Care in 2004, recognizing the need for a specialized cancer treatment center for pets in New Mexico. Her vision wasn't merely to treat cancer but to do so with a focus on the quality of life for every patient. She leads the clinic with an unwavering commitment to blending conventional medicine with alternative therapies and to progressing the field of oncology through multi-institutional trials.

We don’t just treat patients; we build relationships, offering a loving environment for both pets and their owners. It is under Dr. Kelly’s esteemed leadership that we strive to make every diagnosis an opportunity for hope, healing, and a better quality of life.

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