Electrochemotherapy Vs. Radiation Therapy

In some cases, complete removal of a tumor is not possible due to the location or because of a locally aggressive growth pattern. Incompletely removed tumors can regrow and radiation is often recommended following surgery to prevent this from occurring. While...

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October Pet of the Month: Noid

Hello! My name is Noid! My favorite things include snacks, kittens, and burying my toys in the backyard. (The lawnmower always finds them for me!) When I first came home, I feared everything; fire hydrants, thunderstorms, and even my own toys. Of course, that’s how I...

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Remmy’s Story

Name: Remmy (Rembrandt) Age: 5 Weight: 70lbs Gender: Male/Unaltered Color: Red/White About a month ago, I got a call from a friend that he found a pit bull in the middle of his pecan farm that had been attacked. He told me that the dog just showed up and wouldn’t...

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Help Your Pet Relax During Santa Fe Fireworks Shows

We want your pet to have a nice, relaxing July 4th holiday with your family, and something it takes a little extra work from the human family member to make that happen. Santa Fe sure can get loud when fireworks are going off, and it can cause serious stress and...

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June Pet of the Month: Stella

A friend of mine had taken in a pregnant stray cat. She and her incredible pit bull Lola, cared for both mama and babies until it was time for them to find forever homes. When I saw Stella’s photo I knew I had to meet her. She was a perfect little black bundle of fur...

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