Safety Tips For Your Pet On Thanksgiving

As we prepare our homes for Thanksgiving festivities, it’s important to take some extra precautions to keep our pets safe during the holiday. We have a few tips that will help make this Thanksgiving, and all Thanksgivings to come a safe and healthy experience... read more

Information On Dogs and Cancer

First and foremost, November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. If your pet isn’t acting like himself, call Veterinary Cancer Care right away. Cancer is an uncontrolled growth of damaged cells. Cells are the basic building blocks of our bodies and normally grow,... read more

November Pet of the Month – Brodie

Felipe and I had just moved into our new home with our rambunctious young male boxer, Jeter. We needed a playmate for him and began our search. After a few months of looking, we somehow stumbled upon a great organization called Boxer Rescue of Albuquerque. We got in... read more

Halloween Safety Tips For Your Pets

More than ever in 2017, Halloween is a holiday that our pets can participate with the rest of the family. Whether your pet is currently going through cancer treatments or not, we have some tips on keeping your pets healthy and safe during the exciting holiday. Keep... read more

Know The Signs Of An Animal In Pain

When it comes to treating your pet, we put your pet’s well-being before all else. At Veterinary Cancer Center, your pet’s health comes first. We strive to ensure that our cancer treatment is kind and gentle and has very few side effects. During all phases of... read more

October 2017 Pet of the Month – Daisy

We got our girl back, even if it’s only temporary.  My husband Mark and I love dogs. We already had Mr. Buster (we call him Buzz), a true gentleman of a Sheltie. We thought we‘d find a good companion for him. After research, dog shows and discussions with breeders, we... read more

How To Honor A Pet That Has Passed Away

In our office, we’re used to saying goodbye and we know how hard it can be. We’ve said goodbye to a number of our patients that had such amazing spirits, and we’re here to help you keep their memory and spirit going. We have a list of ideas that can... read more

September 2017 Pet of the Month – Pisco

Hello, Pisco is 9 years old and has been friendly and loving since he was born. We got him when he was 3 months old and since then he has been extremely hyper, playful, and has beautiful expressions and gestures. Although Pisco makes us laugh with his nuttiness and... read more