Veterinary Technician

Denise Soon is a seasoned Veterinary Technician at Veterinary Cancer Care. With over 30 years of dedicated service as a vet tech, Denise’s educational background is equally impressive, holding a BS from Texas A&M and a BA from Cedar Valley College. Her expertise is further validated by her certification as a New Mexico Registered Veterinary Technician (NM RVT).

Denise’s extensive experience make her an invaluable asset to the Veterinary Cancer Care team, ensuring the highest level of care and compassion for all patients. Denise’s connection with animals stretches back to her earliest memories, surrounded by pets and naturally taking on the role of caregiver. Her personal menagerie includes dogs, cats, a horse, and a turtle, showcasing a life devoted to the love and care of animals across a broad spectrum. In her free time, Denise extends her passion for animal care into flower gardening, providing nurturing attention to plants with the same dedication she gives to animals. Moreover, she actively trains and competes with her dogs, demonstrating a deep commitment to their well-being and development. Her comprehensive understanding of veterinary medicine and life-long devotion to animals ensure the highest level of care and compassion for all patients under her watch.